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Partitions of the 365 day-solar-year and the matched 365 year-solar-cycle elaborate regular ancient l/s calendar divisions. The 260 Day & Year, 360 Day & Year, plus four or 5 Day & Year single terms fulfill isolated Solar-Side segments. They are all separate units. A Phrase Glossary is included to supplement the Calendar Toolbox list from Ages_of_Adam and Holy_of_Holies.

Calendar Toolbox: 365 Day & Year Partitions

Several partitions in the year and different types of cycles exist simultaneously in a uniform pattern of calendar eschatology. The 365 day-solar-year divides according to a 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-year, and 100-days later, a 360 day-Tun-year. Five special Solar-Side holidays ending the 365 day-solar-year include 4-days that impart presiding day-star notions for each 91-day quarter in the 364 day-Ethiopic-year. One final day remains at the end of the year to numerically match multiples of years.

Calendar Toolbox: 365 Day & Year Partitions Figure 38

260 day-Tzolken-sacred-year
+ 100 days
360 day-Tun-year
+ 4 Holidays assign to 4 Royal day-stars
+ 1 day reserves to Numerically Match days, years and cycles
365 day-solar-year

260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle
+ 100 years
360 year-Tun-cycle
+ 4-years assign to 4 Royal day-stars
+ 1-year reserves to Numerically Match days, years and cycles
365 year-solar-cycle

Phrase Glossary

Calendar Toolbox: 365 Day & Year Partitions Figure 38

Lunar/solar separation times bisect time measurements for the 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-year and the 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle in the Antediluvian sequence. A binary ladder ensues that divides Primary Ages while doubling the Secondary Age
(s) span. Mayan 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-years differentiate from 360 day-Tun-years by 100-days. The 100 Days & Years single term has a bearing upon this relationship. The 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle and the 360 year-Tun-cycle are separate by 100-years. Shared resources differentiate two major time cycles within the Antediluvian Calendar by 100 Days & Years in a matched single term. Later calendar systems and essential religious texts recognize the 100 Days & Years single term significance in alternative ways.

The Antediluvian parent l/s calendar branched into four major calendar systems. Mayan and Egyptian Calendars group the last 5 Days & Years single term with chosen numerical matching philosophies. The traditional Jewish Calendar eventually settles with the Metonic 19-year lunar/solar cycle. Jewish Sect Ethiopians enabled a fourth system with comparable 364 day-Ethiopic-years. Characteristic roles generate parallel use of a 364 year-Ethiopic-cycle that highlights a single Day & Year numerical identity. Documentation relating to an Enochian Sect and mysterious Qumran community may be traceable to much older beginnings. The Book of Enoch and The Book of Jubilees are included in the Ethiopian Narrower Canon between Deuteronomy and Joshua. The prominent Egyptian 1,461-Year Sothic Cycle underscores a slightly altered branch of lunar/solar calendar development.
Ancient Jewish 50-Year Jubilee Cycles and Mayan 52-Year Calendar Rounds have similar religious and numerical connotations. Two 50-Year Jubilee Cycles make 100-years and two 52-Year Calendar Rounds add to detail 104-years. Every 364 day-Ethiopic-year sections the 360 day-Tun-year and saves the remaining 4-holidays for later Solar-Side evaluation. The final capstone day proves the basis for numerically matching X Days & Years. Four quadrant divisions of a matched 360 year-Tun-cycle draw almost universally from ancient theology. Nearly every civilization, old or new, recognizes two equinoxes and two solstices with spiritual affinity.

Building the Antediluvian series requires marvelous command of astronomy
and mathematics. Accepted Mayan Calendar practices overlay the oldest and most prestigious calendar scale in human history. Character Primary and Secondary Ages seem like chambers attached to a grand hallway. Indeed, halls and corridors grace the realms occupied by spirits. Genesis is the great cathedral to God under heavenly canopy and the refuge accessible only through dreams and visions, birth and death.

Are you a pastor, educator or a student of the Holy Bible? seeks anointed people to review and contribute to the Holy_of_Holies ministry.  Ancient calendars of the Holy Bible use differences between the moon and sun, numerical matching and a 364-day calendar year to describe matching X Days & Years.

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