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Converting Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age to 180-Tzolken-sacred years is the first step and first halfway division of Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1. Lunar/Solar Enos skips over Solar-Side Seth Primary 105-Year Venus Round 3 Age to add the third quarter 65-Tun-years in the Primary Age Category. Cainan Primary 70-Tzolken-sacred-year Age marks the second Solar-Side time split that divides Primary Ages of Enos and Mahalaleel. Lunar/Solar Mahalaleel completes the first Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1 by adding the last 65-Tun-year quarter to the lineage of Antediluvian Patriarchs.

Converting the Primary 130-Tun-Year Age of Adam to 180-Tzolken-Sacred-Years

The Antediluvian Calendar in Genesis 5 begins with
Lunar/Solar Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age. Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age is exactly half of Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1. Midpoint 360 day-Tun-year lengths arise from the heavenly Zodiac that has 360-degrees in a circle. In the Mayan vernacular, every Tun-year is 360-days long. Hyphenated-phrases and bold color coded text refer to branded meanings and various images.

Mayan 360 day-Tun-years are Lunar/Solar, leaving the remaining 5-day Wayeb period outstanding until finishing the full 365 day-Haab-solar-year. Four Year Bearer days within the 5-day Wayeb complete a 364 day-Ethiopic-year. Similar to our modern Leap Day cycle, five different 4-Tun-year cycles make one Katun 20
year lunar/solar-cycle. The Holy One final day ends a 365 day-Haab-solar-year, which reserves the practice that numerically matches X Days & Years. The last 365th-day held some place value 0-day significance depending upon Mesoamerican subculture.

Mayan cosmology reflects early Jewish philosophy regarding four special days every year. Sacred Jewish writing refers to spiritual angels acting in heavenly metaphors. The lunar-side measures less than 360-days. Enoch I allocates 6-days to the moon using 354 day-lunar-years for the lunar-side of l/s operations. The Solar-Side assigns 4-days to the sun and stars beyond a midpoint 360-day length of year. Ethiopian nightly observers divided the Zodiac into 72 parts, with one Royal day-star wielding influence over each of four quarters. The main difference is that most Mayan groups united these four special days together prior to restarting the New Year on the vernal equinox. A 364 day-Ethiopic-year divides the year into four equal quadrants having 91-days according to four Royal stars. Concepts of dividing time into four equal parts transcend other cultural differences. Most significant are four quarterly divisions of the 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-year.

Four Year Bearer days divide the 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-year into equal quadrants having 65-days each. Numerical matching and identical segmenting techniques divide the 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle into four quadrants having 65-Tun-years each. The first division in the Antediluvian Calendar is Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age. Adam begins the Lunar/Solar 260-year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle with a green semi-circle in the diagrams. Substituting a 360 year-Tun-cycle having 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-years provides equivalent results. Adam Primary 180-Tzolken-sacred-year Age has the same total number of days.

Converting Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age to 180-Tzolken-sacred-years involves finding the total number of days for the two types of years. Comparisons for the two types of cycles are exactly twice Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age in days. Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1 multiplies by 360 day-Tun-years for the greatest common 93,600-days (Eqn. 1). Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age that has 360 day-Tun-years is one-half of Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1 or 46,800-days (Eqn. 2). The equivalent 360 Tun-year-cycle multiplies by 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-years to get 93,600-days (Eqn. 3). Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age converts to Adam Primary 180-Tzolken-sacred-year Age or 46,800-days (Eqn. 4). Equations 1 and 3 answer 93,600-days for both time cycles. Adam’s Primary Age is the one-half value equal to 46,800-days in equations 2 and 4. Adam's equivalent 180-Tzolken-sacred-years of 260-days each are his converted Primary Age answer. The special 5-day Wayeb holiday period tracks separately.

Figure 37 shows the conversion process for Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age. Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age refers to 360 day-Tun-years. The left circle in Converting Primary 130-Tun-Year and 180-Tzolken-Sacred-Year Ages Figure 37 shows the green semicircle for Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age in 360 day-Tun-years. Conversion of 130-Tun-years to 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-years finds the total 46,800-days for Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age (Eqn. 2). Mayan terminology numerically matches 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-years with Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1. An equivalent 360 year-Tun-cycle has 360-Tzolken-sacred-years or 93,600-days (Eqn. 3). Conversion for Adam finishes by dividing 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-years into his Primary 46,800-day Age. The converted, equivalent Adam Primary 180-Tzolken-sacred-year Age uses 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-years (Eqn. 4). The right side green semicircle half of Figure 37 depicts the converted Adam Primary 180-Tzolken-sacred-year Age.

Antediluvian Patriarch Ages operate in pairs. Elements of Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1 contrast with those belonging to Solar-Side 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1. Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age reports in Lunar/Solar 360 day-Tun-years. Seth Primary 105-Ethiopic-year Venus Round 3 Age counts 364 day-Ethiopic-years to acknowledge Solar-Side reckoning. The third and fourth characters: Lunar/Solar Enos and Solar-Side Cainan, list their Primary Ages in 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-year format. Lunar/Solar Mahalaleel and Solar-Side Jared are the fifth and sixth characters making the next Primary Age pair. Mahalaleel Primary Age switches back to basic Lunar/Solar 360 day-Tun-yearsJared signals the only Convergent Point between Lunar/Solar and Solar-Side 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycles in the Antediluvian Calendar. Jared initially follows Cainan on the Solar-Side Primary Age order. After Lunar/Solar Mahalaleel completes Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1, Jared Primary Age begins Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 2. Jared Primary Age carries the same age value forward to tie both Lunar/Solar and Solar-Sides together.

Converting Primary 130-Tun-Year and 180-Tzolken-Sacred-Year Ages Figure 37
130-Tun-Years of 360-Days Convert to: 180-Tzolken-Sacred-Years of 260-Days

130-Tun-Years               =     180-Tzolken-Sacred-Years
260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle     =         360 Year-Tun-Cycle

 130-Tun-Years is 1/2 of Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1
180-Tzolken-Sacred-Years is 1/2 of Lunar/Solar 360 Year-Tun-Cycle
         And: 180-Tzolken-Sacred-Years of 260-Days Converts to: 130-Tun-Years of 360-Days

Converting Primary 130-Tun-Year and 180-Tzolken-Sacred-Year Ages Figure 37

The 365 year-solar-cycle and 365 day-solar-year have similar divisions influencing the Antediluvian Calendar. A 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle is followed 100-years later by the 360 year-Tun-cycle. The last 5-years of the 365 year-solar-cycle includes both 4-year and single year elements. Numerically matching X-number of days with X-number of years is the recurrent theme of the Antediluvian Calendar.

Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age using 360 day-Tun-years
actively finishes coincidental to Secondary Age Category Adam 400-Year Baktun Cycle 1. Secondary Age 400-Year Baktun Cycle steps increment to end respective Primary Age and Midpoint Age levels for each named character. Adam 400-Year Baktun Cycle 2 in the Secondary Age Category concludes the first, Adam Secondary 800-Year Generation Cycle 1 Age. Four 65-Tun-year parts constitute one total Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken Sacred-Cycle. Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age spans two consecutive 65-Tun-year portions. Primary Age Category Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1 begins with Lunar/Solar Adam, includes Lunar/Solar Enos and completes with Lunar/Solar Mahalaleel Primary 65-Tun-Year Age. Solar-Side time splits by Seth, Cainan and Jared alternate with Lunar/Solar Primary Ages to develop separate Primary Age Category Solar-Side 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycles 1-2. Exchanges between 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-years and 360 day-Tun-years occur throughout the genealogy of Antediluvian Patriarchs.

Equations 1-4

260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1 with 360 day-Tun-years

1. 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1
x 360 day-Tun-year
= 93,600-days in Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1

Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age is half of Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1

2. 130-Tun-year Primary Age of Adam
x 360 day-Tun-year
= 46,800-days in Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age

Lunar/Solar 360 year-Tun-cycle with 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-years
3. 360-year-Tun-cycle
x 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-years
= 93,600-days in 360 year-Tun-cycle

Adam Primary 180-Tzolken-sacred-year Age is half of 360 year-Tun-cycle
4. 180-Tzolken-sacred-years in Primary Age of Adam
x 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-years
= 46,800-days in Adam Primary 180-Tzolken-sacred-year Age

All Primary Age situations are marked according to Secondary Age 400-Year Baktun Cycles, which number from 1 to 13. The first of two 400-Year Baktun Cycles determines the Primary Age. Adam 400-Year Baktun Cycle 1 identifies his active green Primary 130-Tun-Year Age.
The halfway, Midpoint Age l/s position during every 800-Year Generation Cycle ends the character’s Primary Age. The Secondary Age Category continues by adding the second 400-Year Baktun Cycle to finish each named character's 800-Year Generation Cycle. Adam 400-Year Baktun Cycle 2 shows inactive blue type since no Primary Age is generated. The inactive blue second of two 400-Year Baktun Cycles merely duplicates each character's Primary Age flow. Secondary Age Category totals show l/s progression by shifting between Lunar/Solar and Solar-Side Primary Age reckoning. Six 800-Year Generation Cycles cumulatively add l/s increments for each character in the Secondary Age Category. Thirteen 400-Year Baktun Cycles, numbered 1 to 13 make up the entire 5200-Year Great Cycle for the genealogy. the Primary 130-Tun-Year Age of Adam to 180-Tzolken-Sacred-Years shows the exchange between Mayan Calendar 360 day-Tun-years and 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-years. This step is essential to progress the Antediluvian Calendar beyond Adam and Seth in Genesis 5. Lunar/Solar Enos is the third Antediluvian Patriarch in the chain that quarters the 360 year-Tun-cycle with a Primary 90-Tzolken-sacred-year Age.

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