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Primary_65-Year_age_of_Enoch applies a 364-day solar calendar year as evident from the Ethiopic Book of Enoch. Day and year numerical matching define a quarter of the Egyptian 1,461-year Sothic Cycle. Highlights compare elements of the Mayan Calendar alongside dual spirituality for translation to the righteous Metatron.  Enoch is the seventh generation from Adam in the lineage of Antediluvian Patriarchs.

Primary 65-Year Age of Enoch

Enoch is the seventh Patriarch in the lineage of Adam.  The calculations for Enoch employ the 364-day-Enochian-year developed by an Enochian Jewish Sect.  An Ethiopic 364-day-calendar-year uses identical mathematics and generally refers to early North African people.  Jared completed the last of three solar-side time splits.  Six 800-year Generation Cycles or 12 finished 400-year-Baktun-cycles produce 12 lunar/solar time splits having 210-years of lunar/solar separation time each.  The solar-side rendering is 12 solar-side time splits of 105-years each.  The 364-day-Ethiopic-year similarly counts 12 of the Mayan 104-year Venus Round.  Two 105-year solar-side time splits add for 210-years of solar-side reckoning during every secondary age 800-year Generation Cycle.  The primary 65-Tun-year age of Enoch corresponds with 400-year Baktun cycle 13.  Each Tun-year has 360-days.  The Bible lists Enoch as 65-years old at the time of fathering Methuselah.

365-Year-Solar-Cycle with 360-Day-Tun-Years

http://timeemits.com/HoH_Articles/Primary_65-Year_Age_of_Enoch_files/Enoch_BG_Quarterb.jpgPrimary 65-Year Age is Mortal, Secondary 300-Year Age is Heavenly

= 90-Tzolken-Sacred-Years

Genesis 5:21
"And Enoch lived sixty and five years, and begat Methuselah:"

Genesis 5:22
"And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters:"

Genesis 5:23
"And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years:"

+ 300-Tun-Years
   365 Years Lifespan Total for Enoch

Primary 65-Year Age of Enoch with 360-Day-Tun-Years Figure 25

The Antediluvian Calendar stresses popular use of a 360-day-Tun-year (midpoint type of year) as fundamental to the early lunar/solar calendar system.  The 360-day-Tun-year had been the balancing point between lunar and solar calendar years.  After a 360-day-Tun-year, four special days are included along with the leap day fraction, to measure the solar-side of lunar/solar separation time.
Enoch's lifetime of 365-years is the most important era to evaluating the chronology in the generations of Adam.  The primary 65-year age quarters a 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle that uses 360-day-Tun-years.  Enoch was, in rabbinical literature, of the earthly form world or a manifestation of man and flesh for the first 65 years of his life.
A 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle completes with the primary 130-Tun-year age of Adam, plus the converted primary 65-Tun-year or 90-Tzolken-sacred-year age of Enos, plus the final primary 65-Tun-year age of Mahalaleel.  Lunar/solar separation time had converged at the midpoint age level of Cainan, with 70-Tzolken-years of 260-days each matching some 70-years.  Jared repeats the secondary 800-year Generation Cycle age of Adam and completes the recorded 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle in the primary ages.  Jared's given primary 162-Tun-year age derives from the first two previous solar-side time splits assigned to the generations of Seth and Cainan.
The 800-year Generation Cycle of Adam repeats in Jared's secondary 800-year Generation Cycle age.  A secondary 800-year Generation Cycle implements again the earlier primary 130-Tun-year age of Adam and serves to differentiate the two primary 65-Tun-year ages ascribed to Mahalaleel and Enoch.  Generation Cycles were the largest multiples of time recording for lunar/solar calendar systems and distributed significant primary age levels.
Jared's third derivative solar side time split measures a primary 162-Tun-year age.  Jared's primary age needs doubling to account for the companion lunar-side of separation.  Doubling 162.5-Tun-years of solar-side time split attains 325-Tun-years for solar-side separation time total.  Equation 1 doubles 162.5-Tun-years of 360-days each.  The result of doubling the primary 162.5-Tun-year age of Jared is 325-Tun-years.  Subtraction order reverses since 325-Tun-years are greater than 260-Tun-years that define the next 260-Tzolken-sacred-year-cycle.  The 260-Tzolken-sacred-year-cycle cycle completes by alternating primary ages.  Subtracting 260-Tun-years from 325-Tun-years provides 65-Tun-years as the difference (Eqn. 2).  The result is 65-Tun-years more than the initial 260-Tzolken-sacred-year-cycle rather than less, as was the case in earlier solar-side calculations.

Primary_65-Ethiopic-Year_Age_of_Enoch applies a 364-day solar calendar year as evident from the Ethiopian Book of Enoch I. Day and year numerical matching define a quarter of the Egyptian 1,461-year Sothic Cycle. Highlights compare elements of the Mayan Calendar alongside dual spirituality for translation to the righteous Metatron. Enoch is the seventh generation from Adam in the lineage of Antediluvian Patriarchs. Cart Item P65YAE
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Equations 1-5

Double Primary Age of Jared
1.  162.5 Tun-Years Calculated Primary Age of Jared
x    2   Doubles the Primary Age
= 325 Tun-Years Double Primary Age of Jared

Primary 65-Tun-Year Age of Enoch and Green Quarter
2.  325 Tun-Years Double Primary Age of Jared
-   260 Year-Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle
=    65 Tun-Year Green Quarter of 260-Year-Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle in Figure 25
=    Primary 65-Tun-Year Age of Enoch

Blue Three-Quarters of 260-Year-Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle
3.  260 Year-Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle
-     65 Tun-Year Quarter of 260-Year-Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle for Primary 65-Tun-Year Age of Enoch
=  195 Tun-Year Blue Three-Quarters of 260-Year-Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle in Figure 25

Figure 25 diagrams the 365-year-solar-cycle as a new circle, since the original 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle begun by Adam was finished by the end of Mahalaleel's primary 65-Tun-year-age quarter.  The primary 65-Tun-year age of Enoch identifies the first quarter of the next 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle.  Enoch's primary 65-year age is the green shaded pie section leaving 195-Tun-years in blue to show the remaining three-quarters portion of the 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle (Eqn. 3.).  The far left paraphrased verse reiterates Genesis 5:21, to give Enoch's age upon begetting the biblical Methuselah.  Genesis 5:22 appears below in the text.  The empowered secondary 300-year period occurs after Enoch begot Methuselah, and lasts through translation into heaven.  Genesis 5:23 is copied scripture to reveal the overall 365-year age of Enoch.

Substituting 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years for 360 day midpoint lengths of years conversely figures the primary  65 year age of Enoch solely from lunar/solar separation time.  Derivative, solar side time splits were half of lunar/solar separations, unveiling where twice Seth's primary age instituted Cainan's primary age, and twice Cainan's primary age determined Jared's primary age.  Seth's primary 105-Ethioptic-year age is doubled to replace Cainan's primary 70-Tzolken-sacred-year age with 50-Tun-years.  Cainan's primary 70-Tzolken-sacred-year age, or the equivalent 50-Tun-years, doubles again to decide Jared's third derivative, solar side time split.

365-Tzolken-sacred-year-solar-cycle having 260-days per Tzolken-sacred-year
4.    365 Tzolken-sacred-years
- 140 Tzolken-sacred-years
= 225 Tzolken-sacred-years
= 58,500-day count for primary 225-Tzolken-sacred-year age of Jared

Converted primary 225-Tzolken-sacred-year age of Jared
5.    58,500-days
Divided by 360-day-Tun-years
= 162.5-Tun-years calculated primary age of Jared with 360-day-Tun-years, approximates:
= 162-Tun-years given primary age of Jared with 360-day-Tun-years

The primary 162.5-Tun-year calculated age of Jared doubles to reach 325-Tun-years (Eqn. 1). Solving for the primary 65-Tun-year age of Enoch, a 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle equal to 260-Tun-years, subtracts from 325-Tun-years (Eqn. 2).  The resultant 65-Tun-year age of Enoch follows earlier methodology to determine the first quarter of a new 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle.  Adam (130-Tun-years), Enos (90-Tzolken-sacred-years equal to 65-Tun-years) and Mahalaleel (65-Tun-years) completed the first lunar-side 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle.  Enoch accomplishes the first quarter of the next lunar-side 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle.

The first solar-side 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle completes by summing twice Seth's primary 105-Ethioptic-year (210-Ethioptic-years) and Cainan's converted primary 50-Ethioptic-year age.  The given primary 70-Tzolken-sacred-year age of Cainan derives from Seth and Jared derives from Cainan. The second solar-side
260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle doubles the given primary 70-Tzolken-sacred-year age of Cainan to reach 140-Tzolken-sacred-years.   

The difference between 140-Tzolken-sacred-years and a complete 365-Tzolken-sacred-year-solar-cycle having 260-days per Tzolken-sacred-year is 225 Tzolken-sacred-years.  Jared's given primary 162-Tun-year is closely calculated by converting 225-Tzolken-sacred-years back to 162.5-Tun-years with 360-day-Tun-years.

One quarter of the 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-year equal to 65-days, numerically match with Enoch's quartering of the 260-year-Tzoleken-sacred-cycle.  All intersections of lunar/solar separation times with halves and quarters of 260 year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle are achieved during an 800 year Generation Cycle.  The 800 year Generation Cycle incorporates both 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-years and 360-day-Tun-years.

The meaning of Enoch translates from the original Hebrew to select a title for tuition or teacher.  Paralleling the Genesis lineage given for Adam, I Chronicles 1:3 spells Henoch for the same character.  Henoch translates to the word dedicated.  The 365-year lifespan age for Enoch affiliates with the common solar year, and the mainstream days and years precepts imparted by the Egyptian Calendar.  The 365-days-and-years single term permeates early legend and folklore.  Enochian traits suffice a diffused introspection of Judeo-Christian heritage and the essential mechanics of solar asceticism.  Blatant accessory functions of the Egyptian Calendar served the needs of the ancient sovereign nation and the theism consecrated to solar-side time recording.  Enoch becomes a rather translucent character, inferring both the rekindled opinions and calendar numerics of early prehistory.

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