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Ancient Calendars of the Holy Bible
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Ages of Adam is available soon for download pdf $ 9.95

Ancient Bible Calendar Affiliates Needed

Are you a pastor, educator or a student of the Holy Bible?  Timeemits.com seeks anointed people to review and contribute to the Ages_of_Adam ministry.  Ancient lunar/solar calendars like the Jewish Calendar, provide the background to understanding early time.  The Jewish lunar/solar calendar measures differences between the Moon and Sun to intercalate about 209-days over 19-years.  We know that Adam was 130-years old when he begat his son, Seth (Genesis 5:3).  Ancient calendars of the Holy Bible use numerical matching and a 364-day calendar year to describe X-number of days that match with X-number of years.  The Mayan Calendar applied a 260-day-sacred-year that matches a greater 260-year-sacred-cycle.  Seth was 105-years old when he begat Enos (Genesis 5:6).  The Mayans intercalated 210-days over 20-years.  The Mayan Calendar squared time by multiplying 20-years x 20-years to acquire the 400-year-Baktun-cycle.  Adam lived 800-years more (Genesis 5:4), which measures two 400-year-Baktun-cycles.  Lunar/solar time doubles and divides.  Seth’s 105-year age was the result of a 210-year time split.  Ages_of_Adam is a rewarding ministry that supports an everlasting commitment to know the glory of the LordAges_of_Adam is a free read at http://www.timeemits.com

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