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Relativity for calendar systems differentiates Absolute vs. Relative past. Absolute records in the common style of the era. Relative translates to modern timekeeping. Cones and triangles describe NOW moments ever widening as one approaches light speed. NOW traverses all eternity and a single thought at the speed of light is synonymous with infinity.

Absolute Calendar Relativity Timestream

The Absolute Calendar Relativity Timestream image applies to any calendar system. The drawing is based upon the original Theory of Relativity which includes equations and conceptual models. Relativity diagrams usually show two adjacent triangles: one with future light and other with past light describing funnels or cones on paper. A point often describes NOW, where the triangles intersect in 2-dimensions. NOW is sometimes represented by an elastic time tunnel or “worm hole” idea.

Einstein recognized relationships exist between space and time. Relativity diagrams depicting 3-dimensional orientation change the triangles to Past and Future ‘Light Cones’. NOW becomes a plane with the advantage of 3-D spatial rendering. Einstein developed his famous E=MC2 equation by envisioning time as the 4th dimension and assigning the variable ‘t’.

The Absolute Calendar Timestream Relativity drawing mixes calendar science with traditional views. Actual calendar dates are applied to relativity in this video series. I will first cover the general case and later plug-in some calendar dates for comparison. Building upon earlier timeemits' definitions for Absolute Chronology vs. Relative Chronology, we first divide the Absolute Timestream into: Absolute Past and Absolute Future. NOW is the intersecting plane between these two light cones. NOW is constantly moving forward. The modern Gregorian Calendar is the Absolute Calendar, dotted and solid reference line.

Notice the blue and green dots next. These dots represent events occurring along the Absolute Calendar Timestream. The blue dots stand for determinate reality events that actually have occurred in the Absolute Past or will occur in the Absolute Future. They appear inside the two red cones. Within the Absolute Past lightcone, recorded history fills the timestream with an infinite number of blue dot events. Additionally, you have personal memories which are likewise blue dot events and they are infinite in array.

The Absolute Future lightcone displays determinate events that will happen. Sunrise tomorrow is destined to be a blue dot. News will carry stories, people will watch their computers and plan accordingly. History has net yet been written. Whatever will occur becomes a blue dot in the Absolute Future red cone.

As NOW moves forward, destined events are always subject to change. The given blue dot event will take on another character to represent something entirely different. Like a new break on a pool table, expected events maybe sufficiently randomized all over again. There are virtually infinite combinations always occurring.

Green dot events are the by-product of altered blue dots. Green dots stand for indeterminate reality. Their array is also infinitely vast. Green dots never happen so they are positioned outside of both red cones. They represent would have, should have and could have results in both Absolute Past and Absolute Futures. Green dot events are the empty spaces remaining after the pool table balls stop rolling. When causality changes in the absolute past, NOW administers a new green dot event and a corresponding blue dot event occurs. Green dot indeterminate reality events indicate alternative pasts that never occurred and hence, alternative futures.

The Absolute Past Event Horizon is a follow-up idea from previous relativity thinkers. We assign  beginning to the reference frame. Past Event Horizon starts measuring time leading to NOW. The opposite end of the time reference is the Absolute Future Event Horizon. Past and Future are reversed 2-D triangles in the Relativity Timestream picture below. The NOW plane has been widened to accommodate visualization. Assume that NOW is the smallest whole time denomination, or equal to 1 second for example. Let NOW = dt = 1 second. Also assume the triangles point toward Past infinity ∞ and Future infinity ∞ Event Horizons, respectively. One second NOW moments can be lengthened to many days or years using the modern calendar. Moment NOW is a day or year, and finally the reference ending culminates with the Absolute Future Event Horizon. Timestream parameters are essential when we juxtaposition different calendars with numerical reckoning. Past, NOW and Future parameters serve to define the time frame. mind's eye has a peculiar way of envisioning intangible time. We can understand looking at the familiar 1 second NOW moment. Infinity then is added to achieve maximum limits for the time scale. Just try to imagine NOW stretching beyond 1 second, let alone estimating infinity. Perception begins to accelerate thought toward the speed of light. The present NOW moment advances from a narrow sliver to ever wider time frames. We strive to attach finite, fixed references in terms of escalating segments. Look at a passing second on your watch and instantly you think about greater minutes, hours and so on. Assigning days, followed by years is the next logical step. We access the calendar with expectations of discovering time boundaries.

Absolute Calendar Relativity Timestream: Julian to Gregorian

Julian to Gregorian Calendar Relativity picture begins the Absolute Past Event Horizon when the AD Calendar Timestream changes from the Julian version. Pope Gregory XIII instituted his namesake calendar reform to correct the gradual drift of Easter into summer. October 5-15 is the chosen starting date for the Absolute Past Event Horizon. Ten days were actually dropped from reckoning and a new plan was devised for centennial leap years. Everything that would have normally occurred during those ten days shifted from a blue dot event to a green dot event outside the Absolute Past.

An arbitrary minus 400-years and plus 400-years has been chosen for this reference time frame. Symmetry logically places NOW in the center of an 800-year span, although there are no requirements. Fixed history dating from 1582 AD and projecting through 2382 AD contrasts with indeterminate reality in the Absolute Future.

The Gregorian Calendar reform of 1582 altered future Christianity in many ways. Stabilizing Easter immediately improved shipping and eventually the Gregorian system was adopted by government and science throughout Western culture. However, the spiritual landscape of Christianity also changed. Growing resentment toward Roman Catholicism in some parts of Europe led to the birth of Protestantism. Blue dot determinate events took place in Germany, England and France during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Forced calendar reformation was viewed by many to be another dictate from an oppressive church. After 400-years, Protestantism has given the world Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian denominations just to name a few.

Catholicism also divided into two separate groups. Some adherents continued worship according the older Julian calendar and are often referred to as Orthodox. Steadfast Roman Catholicism enabled Gregorian reforms to spread throughout the known world. Only by evaluating determinate, blue dot events together with indeterminate, green dot events can we appreciate the Absolute Calendar Timestream.

Julian to Gregorian Timestream drawing easily substitutes the Relative Julian Timestream line in place of the Absolute Gregorian Timestream line. In this case, the title reads Relative Calendar Timestream: Julian to Gregorian. Reality, both blue dot and green events, does not necessarily need to change. Documentation is the only relevant issue. For example, historical figures wrote and labeled the date OS for Old Style when they were using the Julian calendar. New Style was denoted by the initials NS. The only difference is largely due to a semantic role. Two different calendars were practiced simultaneously. Religious persuasion strongly affected which calendar system people adopted. Time tends to dissolve any harsh religious opinion surrounding the calendars. Modern views assume a minor variation in Christianity and worship philosophies. By 2382 AD, maybe Orthodoxy will keep the Julian calendar, or let it become a footnote. The Absolute Future is indeterminate indeed.

The Calendar Relativity Timestream is another tool to reveal very divergent paths. Aspects of society are objectively graphed as expanding or contracting over lengthy calendar times. A seemingly insignificant calendar anomaly potentially grows or reduces effects on a population. Note the Absolute Future lightcone expanding from NOW. Religious deviations, treaties and war are traceable via lightcones. Absolute Past blue dot events sometimes have final, dramatic outcomes. Emperor Constantine magnified the Christendom lightcone by his personal conversion and moving the Roman central government in the fourth century  The opposite reaction also occurs. The Absolute Past lightcone diminishes significant events toward obscurity. The Spanish Inquisition is thankfully left behind. Long NOW expanses of time are clearly involved in tandem with perception. A kind of velocity has been reached on a long road defined by the calendar. The departure point is 400-years past, we are traveling at 800-years per NOW. Our direction is Future toward an upcoming destination 400-years away. The concept of NOW starts bulging in the Past and Forward directions when some percentage of lightspeed is attained. NOW is perceived greater than 1 second; where NOW > 1 second. NOW distorts across the 1 second lapse. Ideas about infinity have been replaced by quantifiable numbers.

The next Absolute Calendar Relativity Timestream drawing develops over approximately 2,000-years of recorded history. The Holy Roman Empire functioned as government and spiritual center for subjects. The Absolute Past Event Horizon begins 45 BCE when Julius Caesar implemented the Egyptian solar calendar. Julius Caesar changed the calendar from lunar/solar to solar in order to serve Roman needs. The birth of Jesus Christ and the Christian Era, became the grandest part of the Julian calendar. Determinate blue dots events identify such profound elements regarding history. We can barely imagine an indeterminate world without Jesus or a solar calendar. The NOW position is a matter of interpretation and non-symmetrical with regard to the Absolute Future lightcone.

The initial Absolute Past Event Horizon regresses to 45 BCE when Julius Caesar first made preparations to modify the Roman calendar. The existing Roman lunar/solar was frankly, all mixed up. The central government controlled the calendar however, getting the message out to the community was troublesome. Lunar/solar intercalations were irregular and inconsistent across the empire. Expansion toward the Holy Land introduced the Egyptian solar calendar of 365-days. The solar calendar obliged Roman citizens to observe equinoxes and solstices in concert with prevailing religion. Subjugated villages gradually assumed Roman allegiance, ensuing taxes and leader worship.

The lunar/solar Absolute Past cone actually diminishes in size and scope over the next four centuries. The Absolute Future cone for the Julian calendar superimposes over the lunar/solar system with reversed direction; larger going forward. This opposing Roman generated solar, Absolute Past lightcone influenced society with widening appeal. The entire ministry of Jesus was recorded during the shadow of Roman backdrop. Acts describes how the early church grew, attempting to maintain Jewish Calendar observance, while appeasing ruling authorities. Determinate New Testament, blue dot reality events are documented by the Absolute Julian Calendar and the Absolute Jewish Lunar/Solar Calendar in effect back then. Nearly every instance of early Christianity is adapted to a relative chronology based upon present modern Absolute Gregorian Calendar reckoning.

Increasing the time reference frame to spans of 2,000-years, 4000-years or beyond continues to extend NOW to the boundary limits of consciousness. NOW traverses all eternity and a single thought at the speed of light is synonymous with infinity. NOW ceases to change anything since NOW encompasses all changes.

Any calendar existing contains an absolute record current pertinent to the engaging civilization. Ever since Old Kingdom Egyptians worshiped sun-god Ray, humans have described eons of time respecting space. Ancient religious astrology was foundational to studying starlight. Scientists have estimated distances, size and ages within the universe. Absolute solar calendars developed from relative lunar/solar calendars. Lasting tenets from bygone days have new found purpose.

Different forms of science bring relativity theories about in different ways. Relativity has empowered science to build many forms of modern technology. The speed of light usually applies to microseconds and other fractionally small units. Calendar science counters by expanding useful time reference frames immensely in proportion. Two distinct calendar changes leading humanity into the Christian Era recognize that relativity is valid for sociology and cultural study. Determinate events borne by calendar change have ushered profound religious beacons. Resultant effects cluster in patterns spurred by calendar alterations.

Eternity has always been the providence of God. Two infinities shown above are essentially the same. Human lifetimes are so infinitesimally short in comparison, all else must identify with the afterlife. The Bible says we are like blades of grass left to wither in springtime. King or pauper, we are extensions of Him. Ancient Mayans concisely held: NOW is a continuous moment.

Are you a pastor, educator or a student of the Holy Bible? Timeemits seeks anointed people to review and contribute to the Ages_of_Adam ministry. Ancient lunar/solar calendars like the Jewish and Mayan calendars provide the background to understanding early time. Ancient calendars of the Holy Bible use differences between the moon and sun, numerical matching and a 364-day calendar year to describe X-number of days that match with X-number of years. Ages_of_Adam is a free read at timeemits.

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