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Synopsis for the Ages of Adam includes a helpful bullet list of summary statements pertaining ages listed for Antediluvian Patriarch Adam from Genesis. Special terminology adapts Mayan Calendar vocabulary and lunar/solar calendar time relationships. Keywords and phrases build the Antediluvian Calendar using colorized text and graphics.


Synopsis for the Ages of Adam

  • The integrity of calendar duration and distant religious eschatology is preserved. The calendar maintains days and years as different unit measurements of time.

  • Biblical mention of the famed ages of Adam in Genesis 5 was deeply rooted in the ancient lunar/solar calendar system.

  • Numerical matching is a basic lunar/solar calendar concept. The 365 day-solar-year and the 365 year-solar-cycle numerically match in a 365 Day & Year single term.

  • The 260 day-sacred-year and the 260 year-sacred-cycle relate by numerical matching. The remaining 105-day portion of a 365 day-solar-year and 105-year portion of a 365 year-solar-cycle relate by numerical content.

  • Mayan Calendar vocabulary assigns the word Tzolken to describe 260 Days & Years in a pantheon of many gods.

  • Middle Eastern lunar/solar calendars using the 19-year lunar/solar cycle result in 209-days of lunar/solar separation time. Mesoamerican Calendars approximate lunar/solar separation time to be 210-days during a 20-year lunar/solar cycle. Shared intervals of both calendar types prove the original Bible calendar was the stem.

  • Holy_of_Holies pictures and bold text use colors to help define meanings. Black text is used for Patriarch names, scriptures and general meanings. Green areas and text denote active lunar/solar time. Blue areas and text denote inactive lunar/solar time. Red areas and text relate to active solar-side time.

  • Holy_of_Holies work refers to 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-years or 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycles in building the Genesis 5 Antediluvian Calendar of the Patriarchs.

  • For example, Adam has a Primary 130-Year Age when he begat Seth in Genesis 5:3. Mayan Tun years have 360-days. Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age divides Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1 in half. Active green text and graphics show Adam's first age when he begat Seth.

  • Mayan Calendar vocabulary assigns the word Tun for 360 Days & Years regarding the midpoint 360-days between lunar and solar years. Holy_of_Holies refers to 360 day-Tun-years or 360 year-Tun-cycles by emphasizing hyphenated phrases.

  • The Great Cycle and the Long Count Initial Series of Mesoamerican Calendars employ Mayan lunar/solar 400-Year Baktun Cycles. Holy_of_Holies describes 400-Year Baktun Cycles 1-13 with similar color coded text. Adam 400-Year Baktun Cycle 1 is active green during Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age.

  • The Great Cycle includes 13 Mayan 400-Year Baktun Cycles, which amount to 5200-Tun-Years of 360 day-Tun-Years. Common adaptation refers to 5200-Haab-solar-years of 365 day-solar-years. Two 400-Year Baktun Cycles add to make one 800-Year Generation Cycle visible in the Secondary AgesHoly_of_Holies numbers 800-Year Generation Cycles from 1 to 6 for each Antedilvian Patriarch: Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel and Jared.

  • The Great Cycle equally expresses as 7300-Tzolken-sacred-years of 260-days each in the Mesoamerican dual calendar system.

  • All Primary Ages belong to the Primary Age Category. Primary Ages begin with the named Antediluvian Patriarch’s birth and end with the next named offspring son. Adam Primary 130-Tun-year Age is active green until he fathers his son, Seth.

  • All Secondary Ages belong to the Secondary Age Category that measures from fatherhood until death of the named character. Secondary Ages from Adam through Jared consist of one 800-Year Generation Cycle plus additional Solar-Side time as necessary.

  • The Secondary Age of Adam is the first 800-Year Generation Cycle 1. An 800-Year Generation Cycle adds two consecutive 400-Year Baktun Cycles such as Adam 400-Year Baktun Cycle 1 + Adam 400-Year Baktun Cycle 2. Adam 400-Year Baktun Cycle 2 is inactive blue since no Primary Age is generated. Adam 800-Year Generation Cycle 1 contains 800-Tun-years of 360 day-Tun-years.

  • The ultimate power of God and time inspired the Creation. Survival meant the concerns of raising food and nurturing the children. Lunar/solar calendars are the natural way to measure celestial events.

  • Jewish Seth Primary Solar 105-Year Age is the first Solar-Side time split of Solar-Side 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle 1. Seth Secondary 807-Year Generation Cycle 2 Age includes Seth 400-Year Baktun Cycles 3-4 plus 7-Tzolken-sacred-years. Solar-Side Seth occurs between Lunar/Solar characters Adam and Enos.

  • Are you a pastor, educator or a student of the Holy Bible? seeks anointed people to review and contribute to the Holy_of_Holies ministry.  Ancient lunar/solar calendars like the Jewish and Mayan calendars provide the background to understanding early time.  Ancient calendars of the Holy Bible use differences between the moon and sun, numerical matching and a 364-day calendar year to describe X-number of days that match with X-number of years.  Ages_of_Adam is a free read at timeemits.

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