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Format -- Color Cover, b/w interior, 158 numbered pages, pdf is 169 pages, original *.pdf is 2.85 Mb
Size --     5.5 in. x 8.5 in., suitable for printing.

Calendars_of_Creation original covers are available   Call 863-332-5880 or Contact

I am personally offering signed (if you want) first edition soft color covers from my preliminary out-of-print book: Calendars_of_Creation for $ 9.95 each, plus shipping. Use the Buy Now button above and send a confirmation email request to You may also call 863-332-5880, so we can arrange delivery. CoC covers are sold 17 x 11 inches, no fold, and include the back cover on the left side, spine 0.5 inch, and the front cover on the right side. Most are in A condition and I will sell those before sending any B condition covers. Inside the front cover a b/w letter from Time Emits Publishers introduces readers to the early Calendars_of_Creation ministry. Inside the back cover, the World_Calendar_Proposal layout is shown. Front & Back CoC Cover is 17 x 11 inches CoC Inside Cover Front & Back

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We are seeking ministry affiliates and translators to share in social media distribution. You earn a percentage of pdf sales and represent your native language.
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