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Calendar Toolbox: Adam and Seth details ancient lunar/solar Calendar Tools in summary form. Color text and graphics extend Antediluvian Patriarchs Lunar/Solar Adam and Solar-Side Seth Ages using a bullet list and descriptor keyword terms. Tzolken 260 and Tun 360 hyphenated phrases emphasize Genesis words and numbers with equations.

Calendar Toolbox: Adam and Seth

Calendar Toolbox: Adam and Seth is a handy recap for ancient concepts involving time reckoning and recording. Bullet lists are subtitled with previous material from above. Calendar arithmetic simply adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides. The key is understanding fundamentals of the lunar/solar system. Ages_of_Adam first introduced the Calendar Toolbox for Adam and Seth in summary form. Calendar Tools in the Holy_of_Holies build the repertoire to further extend the Antediluvian Calendar. Patriarch characters are classified either Lunar/Solar and identified with green text and graphics, or Solar-Side and identified with red text and graphics. Hyphenated-phrases daisy chain certain meanings. For example, Adam 400-Year Baktun Cycle 1 generates Adam Primary 130 Tun-Year Age explains pertinent details about Adam in descriptor format. Bold lettering and colors emphasize important words and numbers. Lunar/Solar Adam belongs to the green Lunar/Solar rail of the Antediluvian Calendar ladder in Lunar/Solar & Solar-Side 260-Year Cycles Figure 4. Adam 400-Year Baktun Cycle 1 specifies Mesoamerican 400-Year Baktun Cycle 1 of 13 gets assigned to Adam. Adam Primary 130 Tun-Year Age starts the lineage Primary Age Category using 360 day-Tun-years. Solar-Side Seth Primary Age alternates the lunar/solar calendar order over to the Solar-Side. Seth descriptors show red text and graphics and concentrate upon Venus Round variations. 

Calendar Toolbox: Adam and Seth Figure 9

Adam and Seth employ powerful Calendar Tools:

  • God is “between” the Day and Night.
  • Origins of the Antediluvian Calendar are lunar phases and the seven-day-week.
  • The Antediluvian Calendar sustains days and years as different unit measurements of time.
  • Integrity of calendar duration and distant religious eschatology are preserved.
  • Biblical mention of the famed ages of Adam in chapter 5 of Genesis was deeply rooted in the ancient lunar/solar calendar system.
  • The Antediluvian Calendar listed in Genesis 5 uses time procedures of the Mesoamerican Calendars.
  • The 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle numerically matches Mesoamerican 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-years.
  • Adam Primary 130-Tun-Year Age lasts until his son, Seth is born.
  • Primary Age of Adam begins the Lunar/Solar 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle
  • Primary Age of Seth begins the Solar-Side 260-Year Tzolken-Sacred-Cycle
  • Squaring Mesoamerican Katun 20 year l/s-cycles results in 400-Year Baktun Cycles.
  • The scriptural 800-Year Generation Cycle term links with Mesoamerican 400-Year Baktun Cycles 1-2.
  • Adam 800-year Generation Cycle 1 adds: Adam 400-Year Baktun Cycle 1 + Adam 400-Year Baktun Cycle 2.

  • Primary Age divisions intersect with Secondary Age steps. The Secondary Age Category is a sequence numbering 1 to 13 increments of the 400-Year Baktun Cycle. One pair of 400-Year Baktun Cycles count 800-Years for each 800-Year Generation Cycle. Generations of Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel and Jared repeat the standard Secondary 800-Year Generation Cycle Age. The calendar strata pattern concludes with Enoch's progression to translation during the last thirteenth, Lunar/Solar Enoch 400-Year Baktun Cycle 13. Consider the 52-Year Calendar Round that begins with 52-haab-solar-years x 365 day-solar-years. A 360 day-Tun-year was the chosen Midpoint between approximate 355 day-lunar-years and 365 day-solar-years. Mayans multiplied 52-Tun-years having 360-days each to result in 18,720-days (Eqn. 5). The Solar-Side time split was 5-holidays leftover following the 360 day-Tun-year for every 365 day-solar-year (Eqn. 6). To finish the 52-Year Calendar Round, 52-solar-years multiply by the last 5-holiday Solar-Side time split to add the last 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-year (Eqn. 7). The entire 52-Year Calendar Round has 18,980-days (Eqn. 8). In 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-years, the same 18,720-days figure equal to 72-Tzolken-sacred-years (Eqn. 9). The last 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-year adds to end the 52-Year Calendar Round with 73-Tzolken-years (Eqn. 10). The entire 52-Year Calendar Round equaling 73-Tzolken-sacred-years culminates with 18,980-days  (Eqn. 11). A Phrase_Glossary of terminology and Synopsis_for_the_Ages_of_Adam_and_Seth are provided. 

    Equations 5-11

    52-Year Calendar Round

    5.    52-Years x 360 day-Tun-year = 18,720-days

    6.    365-day-solar-year - 360-day-Tun-year = 5-holidays of Solar-Side time split, then Add

    52-Years x 5-holidays of Solar-Side time split = 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-year
    8.    18,720-days + 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-year = 18,980-days

    73-Tzolken-sacred-year Calendar Round

    72-Tzolken-sacred-year x 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-year = 18,720-days
    10.  18,720-days + 260 day-Tzolken-sacred-year = 18,980-days

    11.   52-Year Calendar Round = 73-Tzolken-sacred-years = 18,980-days

    Calendar Toolbox: Adam and Seth Figure 9

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