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7 Steps to Timeemits Ministry Affiliate Fundraising

1. What's your goal?  Raising funds helps spread Ages_of_Adam and Holy_of_Holies calendar resources to the body at large.
Timeemits.com depends upon crowd funding at a basic level. Paypal-Payloadz estore affiliate links are placed on websites and blogs to enable fundraising. Digital goods by timeemits are delivered by instant download sales to donor customers. We have over 100 articles and media downloads ready for sale to Payloadz customers. Most selections are priced at the $1 to $2 support level and entire ebooks and group selections sell for less than $10. Choose which items you want to resale, and copy, paste appropriate links to your webpages(s) as necessary.

2. Team Actions: Ask yourself: "Where does God want you to serve?" Timeemits will help with sponsored ads that emphasize non-profit status. These are generally informational ads with attention toward supporting the cause. Affiliate roles and responsibilities should include developing subcommittees for events or projects. Some members may engage major 1-2% contributors. Outline $1000 supporter levels with clear vision and "can do" expectations. Ask churches and non-profit organizations for their participation.

3. Segmentation: Rank closest people with the highest priority. Acknowledge the size of their gift, their interest level, availability and access to other relationships.    Consider the contact frequency and longevity in the loop. A face-to-face connection can positively result in 46% conversion or 1 of 2 contacts. Skype video, phone calls or personal email letters achieve 27% results in 1 of 4 situations. Group emails, outbound mass communications and social media provide up to 1% results. Your portfolio of assisted conversions includes both outbound, push marketing and inbound, pull marketing. Successful campaigns encourage visitor response by offering useful information, tools and resources to attract potential donors. Regular blogging and content creation allow your ministry or business website to constantly improve traffic volume. Be sure to provide ample access to timeemits affiliate links while simultaneously promoting you own products or services. Timeemits does not endorse or specifically authorize any particular sites. Worthwhile questions and commentary are welcome. Use the Contact Form to submit interesting subjects. Stick to family friendly material and white hat SEO techniques to attain productive links back to your sites - please no SPAM.
4. Multi-channel: This approach applies the above group emails, mass communications and social media efforts. Filter the responses to maximize your 1% results. After you estimate about 7 touches have occurred, then ask them for support. Do not be discouraged by low support levels. Sometimes their little contribution is all they have to give. We have no minimum support levels or quota.

5. Art of the Story: Donors and potential donors want to know. State how you addressed a teachable moment or problem. Reading timeemits can change your thinking. Answer "How did ___ get started?" Frame your message to gain an emotional attraction. Identify yourself or someone else as model example. Make it personal and highlight any relevant testimonials and accomplishments. Staggering statistics in the way of videos and infographics can help illustrate a point. Clarify
and state mission objectives again. Reinforce key ideas with more testimonials, videos, etc. to gain impact and elevate stats. Look for next item of interest or participation from the audience.

6. Fundraising as a Lifestyle: Use their response to formulate your next goals for collections. Assert the positive impact, actions and needed equipment. Politely ask permission to ask ... Spin your question like "Would you like to hear how the community (donors and partners) is supporting us to reach our fundraising goals to ____ this year?" Then share how to support, based upon an 80% emotional decision. Follow-up with group coaching materials.

7. Shameless Asking: Donors don't give because they are not asked !!! James 4:2 "...You do not have because you do not ask God."
Monetize the mission by stating impact levels and what will $$$ figure do for the purpose. Provide 3 different cash example options for campaign $$ support. Be good stewards with your collections. Timeemits reserves the right to amend the above policies without further notice.

Timeemits pledges to always do more with your help.