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Welcome to the (Ministry_Affiliates) Min_Aff Private Folder. Everyone approved to be Ministry_Affiliates should have received a User Name and Password. This is not an MLM offer. Ministry_Affiliates are selected according to language and participation. Sales volume, translation skills, proximity to other affiliates and good customer relations will factor in determining Ministry_Affiliates.

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Ancient Calendars of the Holy Bible
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  •     Learn Ancient Lunar/Solar Calendar Operations
  •     Jewish Calendar
  •     Mayan Calendar and Sister Mesoamerican Calendars
  •     Egyptian Calendar
  •     Bible Study and How to Interpret “Begat” Ages
  •     Teaching and Preaching Resources
  •     Secrets of Enoch and Other Calendars in History
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  •     Web ties with Astrology and Archeo-Astronomy
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Timeemits Ministry_Affiliates Terms & Conditions:
  1. Suitable Computer using MS Windows and MS Office or equivalent. Ability to handle English and your country codes may be needed.
  2. Internet access with high-speed is preferred.
  3. Reasonable fluency in English and your native language.
  4. You will need to have a Paypal.com account and be able to secure a Paypal debit card card or another means of extracting money. You retain full control. We need the current Paypal email address to generate your product sales from our automated system.
Translation Objectives of Ministry_Affiliates
  1. Choose a timeemits article from the list at http://www.timeemits.com/Articles.htm and translate into your native language.
  2. You may use use a combination of machine translator like http://translate.google.com and personal style.
  3. Allow some friends and family to read your translation for clarity purposes.
  4. Ask them questions to best evaluate their comprehension and modify your work as necessary.
  5. When you are satisfied with the results, submit you translations in MS Word and as pdf to affiliates@timeemits.com.
  6. Please retain original images as part of your translation along with translated captions. You may also include original English words and captions when unsuitable for translation.
  7. When you are satisfied with the results, submit you translations in MS Word doc/html, and as pdf to affiliates@timeemits.com.
  8. We will notify everyone pending document approval and proceed to populate our automated system with your translation.
  9. Timeemits retains the original English version "all rights reserved" copyrights. Your translation is considered a "work for hire" with royalties payable by commission.
  10. Please retain original links back to timeemits and add your own statement to mean "translated from English to your language, by your name."
  11. International copyright rules vary. Become familiar with your jurisdictional rules for copyrights before attempting copyright in your own name.
  12. Our goal is to reach people of other languages while closely maintaining original meaning. Later articles depend largely upon how well number relationships are interpreted by readers. Feel free to ask questions anytime during the translation process.
Paypal Royalty Commission Payouts
  1. After you have acquired a Paypal account, submit your Paypal email address to affiliates@timeemits.com.
  2. After you have submitted at least one or two finished, translated and approved articles, timeemits will begin entering your works in our Google Wallet/Paypal database.
  3. Using a modified English description and appropriate Google Ads for tracking purposes, a Get_More_Time_Your Language page will be prepared.
  4. The Get_More_Time_Your Language page carries both English and your language for comparison. Google Wallet links for English and your language versions are entirely separate with unique identifiers.
  5. Each Google Wallet add-to-cart button links to your particular pdf article, where visitors may purchase the item for only 99 cents USD.
  6. Usually within 48-hours, we forward a download link to your customer's gmail address. Your customer can download the pdf version of your translated article from payloadz.com.
  7. After Google removes their overhead portion per .99 sale, your net commission profit is currently about 35% or 23 cents. We will payout deposits to your Paypal account when your balance accrues $10.00 or more in sales. Timeemits will continue this terms and conditions indefinitely, so long as your timeemits and Paypal accounts remain in good standing.
  8. One recent development is the ability to sell sponsor advertising with the same 35% commission payout. Typical leaderboard size (728 x 90 px) ads are eligible for up to 1-year terms per individual article page for $72.00. Sponsored Ads need to be family friendly and free from adverse marketing tactics. These Ads may likewise be translated into your respective language. Payments by advertisers must be made via timeemits invoice for proper payout to seller.
  9. Any part of this page is subject to change.

Ministry affiliates are encouraged to provide an additional resource box. You may promote your own blog, website or other affiliation in a positive manner.