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Early Research and the Supernatural was originally published in my first book about ancient calendars. Partial content appears in Ages of Adam. The testimony article includes minor contextual editing. The bookstore incident marked a life change I struggled to wholly understand. Little did I know then what I had tapped into.

Early Research and the Supernatural

man_lookingb.jpgI write now the following testimony. As a youngster, I had always dreamed the future. I have seen that which shall be for me. I cannot change what shall happen, for I seldom know when exactly or where the scene shall come to pass. I simply see a picture in my sleep, and at some time undetermined, later it shall be so. I do not know all the future, nor can I voluntarily and consciously make myself see the future. Suddenly when the future happens as I had seen it before, I am left to remember that I saw it that way. Practice and knowledge of feeling has improved my sense of accelerated futures, as I call them. Sometimes I see and can estimate if the glimpse I have seen will be that day, or within a few days, or within a few weeks. This phenomenon is an extension of the deja-vu kind. Ordinary science could not answer my questions about time. Ordinary religion could not answer my questions either. I was fascinated with time. Time became an obsession. I had to seek answers elsewhere. I wanted to know where it came from, how it was measured, and what the results of time with society were. I began my involvement with the occult in college. I was introduced to the tarot card deck. The so called ability to foretell the future intrigued me. I was trying to understand my existence, and also became interested in Bible prophecy and the works of Jesus Christ. I wanted more spiritual information and neither could I openly accept miracles done by Christ. Although I was a confirmed Lutheran, as a young man I never fully accepted supernatural acts of God. After college, I went to Phoenix, Arizona and became involved with metaphysical interests. While in Phoenix, the local folklore regarding Native American culture prompted me to visit museums and ruin sites. History began to interest me, and I read about the ancient civilizations of Central and Southern America.

I noticed parallels between stepped pyramids of the Yucatan Peninsula and early stepped pyramids of Egypt. The stepped pyramids of Egypt predated the later sloped pyramids, with which most people are familiar. The famous Great Pyramid of Cheops is the most prominent example of the sloped pyramid. Traces of stepped pyramids and sloped pyramids abound in Egypt. Ceremonial practices of the ancient kings and other treatments of the religion were beginning to connect for me. Stelae or standings stones, as some Bibles call them, held critical information about the people of the Middle East and Middle Americas.

I started linking 19 and 20 year cycles of lunar/solar time reckoning and the Mesoamerican Calendars. Definite calendar agreements had attracted my intuition. Previously, I had not studied any of the mechanics of the Jewish Calendar. At that time I knew very little about Judaism or its associated calendar. I had only read that it was extremely old. I wanted to see if there were relationships between the Jewish Calendar and those of the Americas.

I was working with occurrences some 7,000 years in the past. My ordinary world came to an end when an entrance to the pure supernatural happened. My God blew a hole through time and I have since walked with Him. On September 27, 1981, I entered a bookstore in Phoenix, Arizona with the clear and definite intention of researching the origins of the Jewish Calendar. Several books on a shelf dealt with Judaism. I randomly selected one entitled Judaism, with a pink paper cover and turned directly to the index. Running my right forefinger down the index list, I stopped at the entry: "calendar - p. 97". I leafed back to what should have been page 97. There was a page 96, and it ended normally. The next page was completely blank. There was a page 98 and it commenced normally.

Calendars of Creation c. 1992, Ages of Adam c. 2004 and Testimony by Time Emits and Clark Nelson.

At that moment, a sudden and great wave of fear passed through me. My heart sank to the pit of my stomach, and I felt nauseated. I exclaimed aloud, "No! What? It can't be!" Frantically, I turned to the front of the book. I flipped through the pages, looking for evidence of a misprint. There were no torn pages, no other blank pages, nor binding errors of any kind. I turned the pages one by one from cover to cover. The book was otherwise perfectly and totally intact. I was stunned. My mind boggled. Fear became anxiety. Mumbling something about a misprint, I showed the blank page to the checkout girl. I gave her the book and promptly left the store. Time had changed reality, even to distort it. I personally witnessed an unexplainable, mysterious result caused by my intentions. Until then calendar methods were a special field of interest that were isolated from intangible faith. The calendar is the potent avenue through which all, "signs and wonders" are feasible.

Mere words cannot express what went through my mind then. A mixture of anxiety and starving curiosity would be my fate for the next several years. The abnormal incident at the bookstore had caused a major upheaval of my religious faith, and my way of thinking toward all of time research. This situation was novel to the area of calendar science. As far as I knew then and understand now, no one had ever attempted to connect the Jewish Calendar to the ancient Mesoamerican Calendars. Nor had any formal work been accomplished that ultimately focused with the Egyptian Calendar. I had broken new ground, and found myself groping for some sort of concrete ideology that explained time. I knew I had discovered the joints or seams that bridge time patterns together. In these gaps of one day being decided from the next, or one year being decided from the next, or one calendar system being decided from the next, the supernatural, heavenly realm is brought into everyday reality. The continuum of time is discontinuous by virtue of calendar changes. Had the anomalous situation been typical regarding that particular book, that is to say: opening a book to read someone's explanations about early calendar patterns and shared characteristics; I would have blindly skipped over the bookstore incident. I would not have pursued my later cross-examinations. I may have become a somewhat dubious believer of many biblical stories. Looking back, an alternative future had been chosen especially for me by a higher authority than myself. I had instead become the object of immaterial experimentation. I found myself absorbed into the main dynamics of an elastic realm called time. I knew the path of my immortal soul had been irrevocably altered. In this unique way, God had revealed His presence to me. A personal covenant had been established. I started thoroughly studying the early biblical history. I concentrated my efforts on numerical relations involving the genealogy of Adam, and in particular the patriarch known as Enoch. The God of the Hebrews had led me to know Him.

I decided to consult with a Rabbi. I called a local synagogue to learn more about Old Testament calendars. The voice answering invited me to come down and talk. I had never been to a synagogue, however I felt driven to share my thoughts and experiences with an authority on the Old Testament. I stepped into a large lobby at the synagogue. On my left and adjacent to a long hallway was a table covered with holocaust memorabilia. Walking into the hallway, I stopped and stared at the only authentic Nazi swastika arm band I had ever actually seen. I stared at the tattered edges of the arm band, while my recollections summoned up old World War II movies and ideas of American liberation. I gazed attentively at medals, a book opened to concentration camps and genuine yellowed photographs of loved ones. Despair was on their faces. Barbed wire fences, trains and those in typical black and white striped prisoner garb were pictured. My curiosity and enthusiasm were thawed by a rather dull, pall of gloom. I shook my head in disbelief. Automatically, my feet were moving down the hall. Across the floor alone, those few footsteps sounded like drums. I stopped in mid stride, when a large banner caught my eyes. "We will never forget," it declared in white letters on a lavender tapestry. Feelings of fear and anxiety came rushing back. Thoughts raced in my head. "Whoa! You're messing with their religion. - They died for that stuff!" Apprehension overwhelmed me. "What are you doing here?" That sign had stopped me dead in my tracks.

Several months had past since the bookstore event and I had confirmed the use of the 19-year lunar/solar cycle in Judaism with other calendar systems. I was grappling with myself in a dilemma. I knew what I could tell the Rabbi, and wanted to, may very easily be misunderstood. I had been trained in the technical sciences with a background in mathematics. Things learned in school as solid fact and truth had been absolutely shattered. I was a non-Jewish believer, whom had been weaned on Christianity. I was crossing the border into Old Testament theology, not through standard religious channels mind you, but by doing calendar research. While my faith was scripture grounded, my views began to tilt from the typical. "What business do I have here?" I checked my reasons. I looked both directions down the hall and heard voices coming from the other end. Little did I know then what I had tapped into.

I visited the synagogue library and was told the Talmud was very complex. I gave the librarian the name Enoch and he told me he would look it up. Later that day, he phoned me at home. In an excited voice, he exclaimed, "He's wicked and evil!" I calmly replied. "There's bound to be some of that," and thanked him. Following casual calendar interests had unknowingly submerged me far more deeply into serious theology than I had ever suspected. My ingrained convictions were inadvertently flourishing to better equip me for the internal struggles that lay ahead. I felt I should not return to the same synagogue to avoid making a scene. I desired to go deeper into ancient Hebrew theology and visited the university library in Tucson to study the Encyclopedia Judaica and other Jewish materials. There I found references to all three works of Enoch, and the use of the 364 day calendar year. Seventh patriarch from Adam, the books of Enoch I, II and III are discussed separately. Through tenacious effort, I acquired copies of all three books and compared them to one another.

In another situation, I again encountered a spiritual, supernatural experience. On a short vacation to California, something strange happened. I and my traveling companion had stopped at a motel for the night. I had been thinking about the Mesoamerican Calendars and she knew of my interests. While we were getting out of the car, I nonchalantly said: "Lets play a little game. Let's try to guess the room number." Thinking of the 260-day-sacred-year, I jokingly said "I'll take the number 260." Knowing the 260-day-sacred-year, plus 105-day year pattern, and thinking along the same lines as I, she said: "And I'll pick 105." Together, we walked away from the car, across the parking lot and into the motel office. There were two men inside. One was standing behind the counter in front of a pigeonhole lattice where the room keys were kept in marked locations. The other man was standing across the counter, checking into the motel. We had not met, nor ever spoken to either man before. I stood patiently behind the man in front of the counter while the clerk reached for the customer's room key. The clerk handed the man key number 105. She and I looked at each other baffled. That customer then exited the motel office. The clerk caught my attention and reaching for another key, he quickly asked, "Need a room?" I nodded yes, still reeling from what had just happened. He pulled out the key from the wooden pigeonhole and laid key number 260 on the counter. I tried to control my expression while I finished registering with the clerk. She and I left the motel office bewildered. The concussion of heaven as I call it; is awesome. I solidly knew that this encounter was more than a coincidence.

The calendar and time gives hopes and prayers an increase in speed, direction and purpose. Induced emotional trauma affects desires to join with those from other people. My personal life consisting of deep anxiety and emotional disturbance played a role in my early research. Depression, anger, joy and the entire range of feelings made manifest unusual experiences. I learned emotional states are delivered through time to the spiritual realm. A pull comes about and returns to the unseen spirits of others. Absorbed feelings may embed curses or blessings with physical objects in extreme cases. To my knowledge, no one has ever studied time in quite the way I have. Accelerated goals of the spirit cause astounding results. Praiseworthy is the enhanced efficiency obtained over similar prayers absent of the calendar involvement. Calendars serve to effectively "grease the skids."  One becomes a power hunter, seeking to extend himself infinitely toward any direction he chooses. Authority to influence external forces is a means absent of end results. Our complementary internal rule needs guidance by religious ethics. Living forever means worshiping an eternal God. If I have not broadened the conceptions of ordinary science and religion with the reader by now, I hope my further testimony and witness certainly will.

Early_Research_and_the_Supernatural Early Research and the Supernatural was originally published in my first book about ancient calendars. Partial content appears in Ages_of_Adam. The testimony article includes minor contextual editing. The bookstore incident marked a life change I struggled to wholly understand. Little did I know then what I had tapped into. Cart Item ERS

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By midsummer of 1982, I felt God wanted me to deliver some kind of message to people. In the manner of the clergy, I felt I had been called. I thought myself inadequate to convey such an enormous moral obligation. I felt humble in the eyes of the Lord. I knew time was the ultimate force of power. If mankind could learn to harness time, we could have the destiny of humanity at our fingertips. I knew past recollections and future plans could be instantly altered at the continuous moment of now.

Are you a pastor, educator or a student of the Holy Bible?  Timeemits.com seeks anointed people to review and contribute to the Ages_of_Adam ministry.  Ancient lunar/solar calendars like the Jewish and Mayan calendars provide the background to understanding early time.  Ancient calendars of the Holy Bible use differences between the moon and sun, numerical matching and a 364-day calendar year to describe X-number of days that match with X-number of years.  Ages_of_Adam is a free read at timeemits.

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