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Everlasting Intent conceptualizes a spiritual portrait from ancient calendar patterns toward modern times.  Calendars form an invisible liquid energy conduit represented in two separate dreaming visions. Intangible time flows forward and outwardly from a central core. Glowing time feeds down from ancient brown mountains in distant history to become a faint yellowish tube.


Everlasting Intent is a recurring time relevant dream with minor variation along the same theme. Calendars form an invisible liquid energy conduit in two separate dreaming visions about all time. The dream opens with me standing alone on a pale yellowish landscape. A large brown mountain is far off in the distance. I see what looks like a round, white, flexible tube. I walk toward the tube and I can hear a rushing sound, like fast air or water. I come closer to the tube, and the sound increases to a louder throbbing roar. The tube, waist high and about two or three feet in diameter, brightens to glowing white. The tube looks like a long, flexible hose. My hands in the dream are dirty and I want to wash them clean. I place both hands upon the glowing tube. I feel vibrating power and I see my fingers are glowing as well. The tube is rather cool to the touch. The outside is hard. I expect the tube to be hot and find surprise at the cool feeling. The tube feels strange and deep affection emanates from the tube. Yet, my hands are still dirty. I move both hands up, over and around the large hose. I know the flowing material inside will cleanse my hands. I look for some way to reach into whatever flows and is contained. I still cannot reach my hands inside the tube. I see the hose is now opaque.

Becoming more determined to reach the loud flowing material, I intend to walk in a single direction toward the other end. I want to find where it will release the flowing material. I look back toward the ancient mountains to find the beginning. I instinctively know that the beginning is very far away and I can never reach it. I expect to see the tube in a straight line. I am amazed by what I have discovered. I realize that I am alone in the dream. I feel more attraction toward the almost endless, long white tube. I feel like a bug attracted to a fluorescent light. I look around for anyone else to show the wondrous object I have found. Nobody is nearby to see me if I were to wave. No one can hear me if I were to shout. I am saddened and marvel with curiosity about the tube. I look at the landscape while my fascination increases. Slight hills and valleys are bathed like pale moonlight in a faint yellowish tint. Only the light from the tube illuminates the surrounding countryside.  I see one small tree to my right, toward the mountain. The strange hose lays stretched upon the ground, meandering over the dimly lit landscape. The hose turns left and right, rises and falls, in slow gradual diversions. I think the hose was spread across the ground without any forethought. I am surprised to learn it meanders so. I think it would be better to straighten it from beginning to end.

tube50pc.jpgI exert all my strength on the tube, pushing it very hard. I cannot move it the slightest bit. The tube is so heavy that it seems anchored to the ground. I know that it is not tied down at all. I examine the rest of the tube. The outside of the tube is not straight, but modestly expanding and contracting in certain areas. White luminous fibers emanate from the tube and surround the circumference. Most of the fibers look like hair and extend a few inches from the surface. Some fibers are a foot or more long. I intend to walk away from the mountain in a single direction toward the other end. I think the journey will be long as I take the first few steps. Suddenly, I am lifted above the ground and carried very fast toward the open mouth of the hose. I now see where it empties. There is a pool of glowing white liquid with the consistency of water. I know it is not water. I place my fingers in the glowing white liquid near the mouth of the tube. I am amazed the tube and the liquid is the same material. The end of the tube looks melted. I become afraid, for if the tube should burst, or the hardened outside rupture, there would be nothing to stop the liquid from sweeping me away in a tremendous flood. I feel my hands are cleansed. I look up and see a small, wooden building next to the pool of white liquid. There is a water wheel on the side of the building, turning very slowly. The place seems familiar to me. I feel as if I live here and this is my house. The water wheel has the potential for great power. I discover the water wheel is not connected to anything. I feel the wheel is a waste of power. I am very saddened over this realization. I built the water wheel from discarded wood and trash. The water wheel is extremely strong. The power it makes can drive anything known. My everlasting calendar dream first began many years ago. Portions of this dream have occasionally repeated.

Luminous Egg with Water Wheel

A sequential recurring dream to the former opens with me inside the old wooden building. I hear the loud roar of rushing water. The water wheel lies horizontal on the floor inside the building. The wooden wheel spins flat on the floor faster than before, creaking and groaning under great stress. I fear the spinning wheel will fly apart and destroy the wooden building and me as well. An open pool of white liquid enters the building from the long hose outside. I observe the glowing liquid changing color to crimson red upon entering the building. I see the crimson red liquid all about me and think about blood. I sense great pain and suffering inside the building. Anguish engulfs me as I look at the wooden walls, ceiling and floor of the building. Everything appears covered with dry, hardened blood. Even the water wheel is made of dried blood. I worry for myself and souls of those before me. I have connected the spinning water wheel to something I do not quite understand. The wheel groans as if driving something enormous. The entire top of the wheel reflects my face. I sense despair, acute pain and suffering. Awareness brings the torment of sick and dying people. Spinning ever faster now, blood and souls splatter me and soak the interior. A swelling influx of red churns with nowhere to go. Wet red fluid covers the floor and walls of the building. I decide to make a hole in the wall to let the runny mix escape before we all drown. I poke my finger into the base of the wall near the floor to drain the crimson red liquid. I have assembled the dream together through repetition of the parts.

The next episode of the dream was mainly happening during the period I was delving into Old Testament history. I found myself focused upon ancient calendars both consciously and asleep. Following the bookstore circumstances, the most turbulent period in my life began and continued for about the next year. I surmised that indeed I was transferring my calendar investigations to the dreams. Dream awareness states of the future were definite. My mind's eye was glimpsing a visual picture, and occasionally I predicted silently to myself what someone was going to say beforehand. There seemed to be short and long range predictions. The short types would occur within three days and longer-range experiences up to four months away. I still had not been able to fill in the series of events that led to future situations. Even with all my calendar information, neither was I able to arrange schedules of impending events. I learned there were emotional triggers of sorts. At random and sometimes overlapping, ordinary scenes seemed to piece together until some precise point of convergence in the future. My accelerated futures lasted from instantly to several minutes in duration. Some may say the future resides in an altered state of perception. I had arrived at the end of the long tube.

The next portion of the recurrent sequential dream concerns my personal faith in Jesus Christ. This part of the overall drama was primarily taking place during the estimated two year span of my longest accelerated future. I was consciously realizing the magnitude and intensity of the forces that I was working with. I began to tell others. By confiding in people, I was able to obtain a general overview of what was happening in my spiritual life. I spoke to learned men about the Holy Spirit. Most were surprised to hear what I said. Some told me I was dealing with the dark side of the supernatural. One man said, "That's magic!" Another man in particular was well founded in the concept of opposites, as proposed by many famous philosophers. He was dedicated to organized Christianity and an elder in his church. When I told him about my personal experiences and how scared I was from witnessing the incident at the bookstore, he said convincingly: "Wrong kingdom." Note that I had seen this man in another dream riding a white horse. He was amazed when I told him my testimony. He invited me to attend his church and my involvement with organized Christianity increased. I read more of the Four Gospels and enhanced my understanding of the supernatural. Learning about the miracles of Christ allowed me to realize the co-eternal junction embodied in the Holy Trinity. I felt purified in my soul.

eggbldgc.jpgMy dream was opening with me standing outside the wooden building in a glowing white liquid pool. I had punched a hole through the wall of the building near the ground. The white liquid covers my feet and ankles, almost reaching my knees. The red liquid pool inside became a white pool upon exiting. The red water or blood had been purified, turning white as it ran outside. The pool of white liquid Holy Spirit outside the building begins a flowing stream. A short distance away, the river of white liquid turns upward. I then melt and become part of the river. Like a waterspout, the white liquid gushes upward without containment of any kind. I ride as a leaf on a current, carried upward to a place I can best describe as a white egg. The egg is oblong from the side, slightly flattened on top and made of the same white liquid material. Around the white egg there are many windows and lights. I can see out in all directions. I see many people from inside the egg. Everyone and everything is pure white. I recognize some people. Many others I do not. I am astounded by incredible happiness we know. The whole scene blends together. I would later compare this egg to the Ascension.

The next dream was entwined with the last. Fragments I have picked up at different times. In the heavenly realm, there is no past or future. All time is an eternal intention. Crimson red liquid symbolizes the blood so prevalent in Holy Trinity study. Obviously, I was a sinner who then purified his hands by washing in white liquid. I believe earlier bookstore circumstances were a climax to the dream. I next progress downward, moving to where the egg tops the white liquid spout. I wonder why. Maybe I am still unworthy and deserve to be returned to the place I came from. Near the bottom of the egg and at the top of the waterspout, I come to rest. White liquid rushes all about me and I remain still.

Holes seem to be a catalyst for presenting new images in dreams. In this sequence, I again look outward and see a hole appearing in front of me. I think the white liquid will spill out and fall downward. Instead, the white river continues to flow upward. I am moved through the hole, and the hole transforms into the shape of pitcher pouring. I look outward and the scene is very beautiful. Below me, I see a large field of individual lights. The background is pitch black and softer than velvet. The field of lights is either lifted upward toward me or I am sent down to them. The view is similar to an aircraft landingat night. The small white lights began to gather toward me. All of these dreams occur over approximately ten years. These everlasting intentions were meant to foreshadow my personal life and the spiritual changes I have undergone.

Psalms 19:2
"Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge."

Everlasting_Intent Everlasting Intent conceptualizes a spiritual portrait from ancient calendar patterns toward modern times. Calendars form an invisible liquid energy conduit represented by two separate dreaming visions. Glowing time feeds down from ancient brown mountains in distant history to become a faint yellowish tube resulting in purification. Intangible time flows forward and outwardly from a central core. Two visionary subtitles with images previously in testimony, revised. Cart Item EL

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