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Prophecy and visions convey an enormous moral obligation. Our future trek may outline spiritual answers personally or publicly. Drivers need to avoid hazards ahead. Larger groups require preparation and commitment from leadership. Divination powers united with time, trivial or ultimate, may be no larger than a golf ball.

Golf Ball Prophetic Vision

windshield_holeNear the beginning of my calendar research journey I had certain trivial experiences that would pave the road ahead. I was learning about mathematical relationships drawn out by archeological study of the Mayan Calendar. My interest was a geekish persuasion appreciative of native art and formal class work. Mayan glyphs became the focus. I found the Mayan numbering methods fascinating. A much broader, ignored concern was the spiritualism associated with ancient demigods. I neglected a basic tenet of calendar inquiry. Seemingly minor incidents by themselves might be overlooked. Each occasion is an arrow or a stepping stone.

The Holy Bible was a completely different subject for me at that time. I deemed formal worship association as irrelevant or impractical. I tended to shy away from religious conversation. God’s Word prevailed distantly aloof from anything related to calendars. Other experiences written about in testimony had already taken place. My former objectives began to change. School taught hard science was limited to facts and figures. I was compelled to adjust.

A series of arrows emerged to indicate a paranormal trend. Peculiar events were accumulating that encouraged me to persevere. Something unconventional and beyond typical reality was altering my personal views. I was doing everything right to augment my technical career, but I soon realized my destiny could only be fulfilled through time and calendar study. Any debate over right or wrong did not matter. Knowledge became the sole quest.  My personal life was totally mixed up, and now my arrows were pointing somewhere else altogether.

I had a dream in which a spirit in white, on my distant left side, put a white golf ball on a tee. I was driving my car and the being swung and struck the ball. I saw the ball slice, curving toward the car. I dreamed the ball was coming directly toward me and at the last moment before impact, I ducked down to the right. The ball smashed a hole directly in front of me. The dream ended with the hole in the windshield on the driver's side of the car. The dream was practically forgotten by late afternoon. I pulled my car into the parking lot at the college where I attended classes. I parked without thinking about the dream at all. I turned the motor off, looked up and directly in front of me was another car with a golf ball size hole in the windshield. The hole matched exactly the shape and size of what I had seen in the dream the night before. "Ooh!" I said, and softly: "There's my hole in the windshield." Quite peculiar was that the hole was on the opposite, passenger side of the car in front of me. I was the driver in the dream the night before. I was mystified. Possibly I absorbed the other driver's emotional state upon impact. I wondered about the dream link. I began searching for spiritual answers to where all this would lead. This aberration of my future trek reflected a more distant scenario. A partial commitment was not sturdy enough to prepare me for the practice of divination. Swept into the mainstream calendars, I was negligent toward minute traces of disbelief. Although faint, learned doubts and excessive inquiries can only be obliterated completely through asking total redemption and forgiveness. Failures in our faith are dangerous. True mental precognition or forecast prophecy into future time layers demands an unwavering purity. I had not sanctified my faith in the Lord enough to accommodate the gift of total fulfillment by the Holy Spirit.

Golf Ball Prophetic Vision Prophecy and visions convey an enormous moral obligation.Our future trek may outline spiritual answers personally or publicly. Individuals need to avoid hazards ahead. Larger groups require preparation and commitment from leadership. Divination powers united with time, trivial or ultimate, may be no larger than a golf ball. Cart Item GBPV

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By midsummer of 1982, I felt God wanted me to deliver some kind of calendar message to people. In the manner of the clergy I had been called. Foretelling one little golf ball incident seemed so trivial.  A greater supernatural pattern was emerging. I had urgent need to say or do something, however ambiguous. My dilemma was one of definition and purpose. I felt humble in the eyes of the Lord, yet lacked resources to publicly convey such responsibility. Leadership has a role to teach time as an ultimate force of power. Destiny is at our fingertips if humanity learns to harness time. Past recollections and future plans are instantly alterable at the continuous moment of now.

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