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Hearing in the Bardos branches to another track of spirituality to resolve special issues. Cameo dreams worth mentioning often include mental dialogue that differs from audible forms of unintentional eavesdropping. Calendar research encompasses multi-cultural views and some extracurricular reading. Traditional Judeo-Christian adherents rarely venture outside the box.  Personal testimony cases may find merit in Tibetan teachings.
Hearing in the Bardos

My personal quest to perform calendar research has required access to a wide variety of spiritual resources. Admittedly, certain books such as the Tibetan Book of the Dead, or the variant Egyptian Book of the Dead are dangerous tools.  I am comforted having known a rather colorful religious life and dealing with mystical topics. Any occupation or predilection has inherent risks. Workers always need to be their own safety officer. Intangible faith is the necessary protection here.  I deem rewards of God's calendar knowledge to be priceless treasures. My ministry exercises faith by writing and teaching about one indivisible God and calendar science. Gentle, yet adamant, words deliver an ancient message with the same divine prescription for counting days and years. We need moral fibers that prepare us for heaven and eternal life. We are not counting widgets.

ear50pcb.jpgThe "Bardo Thodol" is a funerary text that means liberation through hearing. As I understand it, an intermediary state occurs to the consciousness shortly after death. The interval between death and the next rebirth is known in Tibetan as the Bardo. There are several stages of experience one must go through in preparation for rebirth. I part company from the teachings at this point. I have not found any substitute credo that explains why or how dialogue can be heard in dreams. Short snippets of reality experience in dreams may include visualizations with talking. Rest assured, examples cited here describe unintentional eavesdropping from living people.

Thoughts, feelings and emotions are natural manifestations of spiritual concerns. Dreams remove much of the ambient physical clutter.  One symptom of the higher plane is the ability to perceive someone's demeanor even when another language is present. Spirit absorbs memories from unknown people. Foreign language is occasionally part of the larger impression. Fluency in the particular tongue is not necessary when comprehending expression. The following parts of testimony were originally published at timeemits in a section called Treatise and Testimony. In the context of performing calendar research there are sidebar purposes. Historical facts and figures cannot tell some random facets of humanity by themselves. Inaudible hearing leaves an imprint.

Short cameo dreams are often closely linked to a joined soul concept. In my sleep, I am sometimes drawn into extreme emotional situations. Administration of the Holy Spirit directs me into the spiritual, eternal realm. I become part of the same joined soul of other people. The need for spiritual understanding extracts transformed faith. More recently, I have reached higher into the layers of heaven. I have awoken from the dreaming body state of mind to find myself immersed in the emotions that others feel. In three examples of co-eternal involvement of the Holy Spirit I had no control over individualized experiences, or the results caused by the actions of others. My spirit was subject to the thoughts, ideas and inner feelings of the people I joined with. Each of these dreams happened only once.
A man had been unfaithful to his wife. The man had fallen in love with another woman, causing the wife great sadness and despair over her broken marriage. In a dream state, the Holy Spirit and her private spiritual needs propelled me to her. I visualized a dining room and a chandelier hanging above a large wooden table. There was a countertop between the dining room and kitchen, over which were hung pans and glasses in a rack. The countertop was open on both sides and I remember seeing kitchen appliances on the other side. The countertop was a mini-bar style. I do not recall color information in this case. The woman and I were as one, sitting alone at the table. I could clearly hear her weeping. I do not know names, or locations, in these cases. Nor had I any prior knowledge of the people or situations described. On that morning I awoke grieving deeply. I found I was actually crying with wet tears streaming down my face onto the pillow. I knew I had been distraught for an hour or two judging by the amount of moisture on my face and pillow. As I awoke, I could feel my soul and hers literally separating. This experience felt like a sheet of paper had been glued to my abdomen and quickly torn away.
On another occasion, a love triangle and domestic violence were combined. I and a man, became as one in my dream state. This experience took place at night. The man was running across the front yard of a house, excited and frightened. While running, I saw another man run out the front door of the house toward a waiting gray pickup truck. He hurriedly opened the door of the pickup truck and jumped in. I remember seeing the windshield and a side mirror on the driver's side of the truck. I then saw a reddish tint to everything, like looking through red sunglasses. I heard someone shout: "He's got a gun!" from the direction of the house. I perceived that several people were gathered around the steps of the house. Two quick gun blasts followed. I suddenly awoke nervous and scared.
In another dream state, I saw something similar to a pane of glass. I viewed the pane of glass-like substance from edge. A man stood on one side. The man was standing about six feet from the windowpane, which stretched from about his knees up to near his head. A woman sat in a green or blue reclining chair close to the other side of the pane. I knew the man felt sorrowed and as he began to speak, I sensed the picture of a car parked in front of a building. The man had seen the car of the woman's father. He proceeded to tell the woman that her father was cheating on, or seeing, a woman other than her mother. I heard him say in a low tone of voice "your dad is with her" and I felt his words or spirit, pass through me. She was obviously hurt by what he had said, although she knew it was true. I felt her sadness. He added insult to injury then by saying "and you're going to do it too," implying that she was destined to cheat on him, like her father. Again his spirit passed through me and I saw her begin to cry. This dream was marked by the clarity of the words the man spoke and the image of the windowpane material that seemed to float in midair between the two people. I awoke with a remorseful, sorrowed feeling.

Hearing in the Bardos branches to another track of spirituality to resolve special issues. Cameo dreams worth mentioning often include mental dialogue that differs from audible forms of unintentional eavesdropping. Calendar research encompasses multicultural views and some extracurricular reading. Traditional Judeo-Christian adherents rarely venture outside the box. Personal testimony cases may find merit in Tibetan teachings. Cart Item HB

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All three dreams just described had the feeling of compression from two sides. I first encounter a sensation of being lowered or gently dropped in a controlled manner. My spirit notices a soft impression of squeezing. The awareness is akin to being caught in a vice with padded jaws. The more accurately I am positioned within the joined soul, the better I am able to comprehend the thoughts and temperament of the people. The sounds the people heard in the particular situation are always easiest details to remember. Sights that the people see, come in the form of visions. Heightened emotions tend to deliver colors in my visions. Most are in black and white. Taste has been noticed in one instance, however this happened when I was awake. Of the five physical senses; i.e. sight, sound, taste, hearing and smell, hearing is the easiest to distinguish. Sight is the second most prevalent sense received. Taste is the least often defined sense, with touch and smells insofar non-existent to reception in my dream awareness state. Although I knew touch has been established by sight, the actual physical pressure sense is absent. Generally, emotions of the people involved were best ascertained and absorbed by me. Premonitions are also grounded with an emotional posture.

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