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New Perspective introduces a testimony area most relevant to personal experience. Calendars of Creation was my first work. I began this section to explain why and how I chose to do ancient calendar research of the Holy Bible. Ancient people had good reason to worship God and time as one. I discovered and took the same path.

New Perspective

The time is the night of December 31, 1991.  Twilight has come.  The stars have appeared. I look back into perhaps 20,000 years of recorded history, back unto the seed of Adam.  I feel reverent and think of the changes brought about by the presence of the Holy Spirit.  I think about the ancient Mayans and their theology that: "Now is a continuous, eternal moment."  The host of heavenly influence has brought new understanding to the mold of humanity and the world.

Happy-New-Year50pcb.jpgObservations I have installed in this section entitled Testimony, are my own.  I purposely offset Testimony to avoid interference with the calendar mathematics explained in Ages_of_Adam.  The revised material augments the original work, Calendars of Creation.  I strive to excise calendar information from various biblical accounts.  This written work requires proper biblical narration and is used conjunctively with due concern that all information is taken out of context.  In the fashion of cultural anthropology, applications of calendar mechanics connote biblical implications necessary to extrapolate a more detailed viewpoint of very early civilizations.  The tremendous expanse of time involved designates the Bible as primary contributor to this work.  Personal examples cited portray significant turning points that compelled me to probe deeply into calendar research and analysis. Spiritual influences that combine emotional status, direct intention and dream comprehensions are intangible.  Human traits foster abstract speculation about the nature and use of time.  I respond to questions of how and why I chose to pursue near academic levels of calendar science and esoteric study.  Multiple observations serve to inspire accurate descriptions and aid recognition.  I indeed have outlined my personal experiences, dream involvement and associations with the supernatural that objectively select the most directly related situations I have encountered.

In our modern world, there are multiple schools of thought concerning the origin of humanity.  A heated debate exists between notions of creationism and evolutionism.  Intelligent Design and other theories negotiate compromises.  I believe the Holy Spirit of God arrives where and when needed. People who consider themselves creationists subscribe to the doctrine of Adam and Eve as the first male and female pair.  Adam and Eve were the ancestors for the rest of the human race.  I offer creationists, a view of knowledge of lunar/solar calendar systems and direct their attention toward other works in Genesis.  In contrast, evolutionists have the opinion that humankind descended from other forms of life.  To those people adhering to evolutionism, I also offer the book of Genesis and the fact that it contains the oldest comprehensive calendar information known.  The manuscript records of ancient people are the best vestige footprints that we have today.  The tabulations in Genesis detail a perspective that escapes complete understanding.  This information was serious knowledge.  The ancients wrote Genesis and the genealogy following Adam for a reason.

Almost eight thousand years or ten 800-year Generation Cycles elapsed from Adam to the Great Flood of Noah.  On a single page of the Bible is encapsulated what God and time once meant to people.  Imagine the births, deaths, wars, floods, famines and hopes for a better future that have passed.  A calendar system that accurately extends time in a floating chronology, numerically matching days and years, reveals the fragments of time counted.  Like tree ring dating methods, this lunar/solar time system took several thousands of years to develop.  A lunar/solar calendar developed from observation of the sun, moon and stars.  Religion was the framework to record daily observation of the heavens.  People of that primitive era had to be accurate, specific and have a language highly adapted to counting days and years.  Expression of the heavenly celestial motion day after day, year after year, persists from one generation to the next.  To miss a single day due to inclement weather or any unexpected reason would spell catastrophe to a precise and definite calendar system as the genealogy of Adam recounts.  Our ancestors gathered knowledge of lunar/solar time reckoning over eons immeasurable.

In addition, ancient people had God and religion that reigned supreme enough to monitor and bind a society together.  Written miracles of the Old Testament include stories of Noah, Abraham, Joshua, Moses and many others.  The Holy Bible mentions kings and their descendants according to sovereignty and age throughout.  Remote pre-historical culture was far more specialized and evolved than most scholars grasp.  Modern science compares with ancient differences between l/s calendar years, the biblical version of paradise and early opinions about GodGod still dispenses the purest reasons for humanity, enduring all history.  Science and technology need direction toward good purposes if we want to influence the future.  Forethought and positive intention must precede delivered tasks.

I do not answer Creationist theories or evolutionism; rather let the Holy Spirit come between them.  To say that human life originated from extraterrestrial life is the easy way out.  Let He that has no name be the eternal God, without beginning or end.  To those without God in their lives, my work will stand for religion and a beacon for them to follow.  To those with God already in their lives let their faith magnify by the glory of God.

Calendars of Creation was the foundation for Ages_of_Adam.  I performed more research regarding the Mayan Calendar system and the 364-day calendar year.  Expanded study into 104/105-year Venus Rounds have led to the Holy_of_Holies.  Still a work in progress, I decided to assemble articles and materials that graduate beyond the genealogy of Adam and Seth.  Calendar cycles encompass hundreds of years and link with faith in the afterlife, a fundamental tenet of all major religions.  Learning about calendars stretches our religious convictions beyond birth and death.  I write about eternal ramifications of faith that extend outside life.  Only through writing am I able to share understanding gained through dreams and visions.

Today is January 1, 2007.  Sixteen years ago, I began this section to explain my interest concerning ancient calendar research of the Holy Bible.  Ancient people had good reason to worship God and time as one.  I discovered their spirituality and took the same path.  Calendar math and history belong in a more formal setting.  I position religious studies in the part called testimony slightly askew.  Testimony is my candid look at esoteric interpretations of time and the supernatural.  Close associations between sleep, dreams and the spirit world led to articles on dream interpretation.  Each testimony article imparts a unique scriptural message.

Joseph and Daniel shared an experience involving dream interpretation of great leaders.  Joseph advised the pharaoh of Egypt and Daniel enlightened King Nebuchadnezzar many years later.  In both cases, chosen appointed priests and wise men failed adequately informing the rulers.  From the midst of common folk, these indentured servants came forward and received just rewards.  Joseph became one of the most powerful men in Egypt.  The king made Daniel ruler and chief of Governors over “all the wise men of Babylon.”

Daniel 2:19-22 (KJV)
“Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven.”
“Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his:”
“And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:”
“He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.”

Calendar knowledge carries unique affinity with the Lord.  In essence, we can change the future before it happens.  We daily accomplish this task through proactive planning.  The major difference with calendars accesses supernatural channels by virtue of extremely long time projection.  Numerically matching X-number of days with X-number of years also achieves heavenly, spiritual matching.  You may see strange coincidences, seemingly irrelevant between each other, multiply into a trend.  Multiple trends build blessed assurance.  A most powerful message is that you manifest the desires of your heart.  Start the New Year refreshed with the newness of eternal life.

Matthew 5:8 (KJV)
“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.”

Happy New Year!

New Perspective introduces a testimony area most relevant to personal experience. Calendars of Creation was my first work. I began this section to explain why and how I chose to do ancient calendar research of the Holy Bible. Ancient people had good reason to worship God and time as one. I discovered and took the same path. Cart Item NP

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