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Water Tower combines paranormal activity with discussion concerning ancient theology.  I learned me two important lessons as the experience unfolded.  Association with ancient religious studies coupled with calendar investigation heightened my sensitivity to things unseen.

Water Tower

water_tower_cr.jpgI stepped into an episode of paranormal activity during the fall of 1990.  Confronting me was a situation that taught acute spiritual awareness.  At that time, I had formulated much of the primary age material regarding Adam and Seth.  I was convinced the primary 130-year age of Adam figured half the value of 260-years.  I knew a practical relationship was evident, and yet the earliest portions of the Antediluvian Calendar were unclear to me.  Further study of the Mayan Calendar led to using the 260-day-Tzolken-sacred-year in conjunction with the 260-year-Tzolken-sacred-cycle for better nomenclature.  A disparity existed between the calendar numbers, as a preoccupation, and my own spirituality.

I was working overseas at a Navy base in the Bahamas.  My employer was a defense contractor and I lived on base in the former enlisted quarters.  My small room was on the ground floor of a three-story building.  Above my bed, the window looked out to a high water tower and a gravel parking lot.  The base dining hall was across the parking lot.  My preferred transportation was a bicycle on sunny days.  The shop I worked in was a short ride away.

We broke for lunch that day.  My routine was to first visit the chow hall.  After eating, I headed toward the parking lot and my room.  Workers were sandblasting the water tower in preparation for repainting.  The water tower stood higher than the three-story barracks.  They were using a heavy-duty, noisy industrial sandblasting trailer to pump the pellet mixture.  A thick hose draped down from the top tank.  The crew wore protective suits and the entire area underneath was barricaded with yellow caution tape.  I had grown accustomed to circumventing the yellow tape for over two weeks.

I left the chow hall and quickly noticed the yellow tape was gone.  I heard gravel crunching instead of the noisy trailer.  On a regular workday, I was surprised to find the typical four to six workers were absent.  The project halted, trailer and hose stood idle nearby.  I had no need to skirt the yellow tape today.  I walked straight under the water tower while thinking, “Maybe they had a breakdown.”  I passed on the left side of a tall steel ladder, which went up one leg of the tower.  I immediately felt like I had stepped into a hole.  A bizarre sensation flooded me.  I stopped in mid-stride.  I sensed a gravity-pull is the best description.  I look down and saw nothing out of the ordinary.  I thought, “The grass is trampled.  Anyone would expect that.”  Something else was going on.  I took a step forward and to the right.  The sensation was dizzying.  I had impression of a spiraling effect.  Another step and the feeling ended abruptly.  I groaned in astonishment.  Another step backward and again I felt it.  I proceeded slowly around the ladder.  All the while, the eerie feeling persisted.  I meandered back and forth two or three times and distinctly felt some kind of energy vortex in a circular shape about the base of the ladder.  I continued on to my room and then back to work.  I learned later from a co-worker that one of the sandblasting crew had tragically fallen.  I heard he lived a short time afterward.  I never told anyone of my reactions beneath the tower.

Some four months prior, I had turned my attentions toward resolving the ages for Seth.  The threshold that made things possible for me to sense the man’s violent passing was coincidental with doing calculations involving Seth.  Seth is the second rung of the Antediluvian Calendar ladder.  Seth’s primary 105-year age is half, or the solar-side time split of 210-years lunar/solar separation time.  One 20-year-l/s-cycle (Mayan Katun) produces 210-days of l/s separation and the squared value, 400-year-l/s-cycle (Mayan Baktun) produces 210-years of l/s separation.

I learned two important lessons.  My association with ancient theology coupled with calendar investigation heightened my sensitivity to things unseen.  His pain and emotional trauma was tremendous.  His spirit deposited an energy vortex that still defies full comprehension.  I returned to the spot several days later and could not detect anything abnormal.  His spirit energy had dissipated away.  The repainting project soon resumed.

Water Tower combines paranormal activity with discussion concerning ancient theology. I learned two important lessons as the experience unfolded. Association with ancient religious studies coupled with calendar investigation heightened my sensitivity to things unseen. Cart Item WT

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The other lesson took longer to appreciate.  We are narrow-minded, and I include myself here, when it comes to ancient gods and cosmology.  People long ago concentrated upon specific time allotments belonging to reign by individual gods.  We accomplish exactly the same approach reckoning years in terms of BCE or AD.  The Bible tells of ancient people worshiping false idols and sacred pillars.  Seth and his planetary feminine counterpart Venus were significant time deities too.  Great balls of rock and ice hurtling through space were not the focus of prayer.  Instead, they were accessing the supernatural regularly and consistently by doing vast time projections.

Early people sought a heavenly realm containing all manner of angelic spirits.  Standing stones and sacred pillars of the Old Testament meant far more than false gods did.  Long epochs exceed the natural confines of birth and death.  Against a monotheistic backdrop, ritualistic worship objects were tools to study synodic, visible periods of stars and planets.  Ancient devotion purposely targeted making accurate calendars.

Are you a pastor, educator or a student of the Holy Bible?  Timeemits.com seeks anointed people to review and contribute to the Ages_of_Adam ministry.  Ancient lunar/solar calendars like the Jewish and Mayan calendars provide the background to understanding early time.  Ancient calendars of the Holy Bible use differences between the moon and sun, numerical matching and a 364-day calendar year to describe X-number of days that match with X-number of years.  Ages_of_Adam is a free read at timeemits.

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